Pumping stations

Pumping stations

Pumping stations have a fundamental function in water and wastewater infrastructure. There are approximately 20,000 large pumping stations in Sweden’s municipal water and wastewater system, ensuring access to drinking water, stormwater and sewage. Uniwater’s specialists offer pumping stations with concrete, fibreglass, and stainless steel wells.

Efficient water management provides secure access water and wastewater solutions

With the help of the specialists at Uniwater Pumping stations, we are upgrading water infrastructure in Sweden and Norway for the future. Many pumping stations have been in use since the 50s and 60s and now need replacement. Here, we have a crucial role as an enabler to ensure clean water and sanitation in society. Our companies manufacture wells in concrete, GAP and stainless steel, and the buildings are made in concrete or wood.


Pumpstation i trä

Gothenburg’s largest pumping station

One of the highlights of 2022 was the completion of the Kodammarna project. Kodammarna is the largest pumping station in Gothenburg, receiving wastewater from roughly 185,000 people.

Norvatek was commissioned to replace, rebuild and extend Kodammarna. Since the existing plant could not be shut down as the wastewater could not be diverted, we had to build the new pumping station next to the old one. The new station is designed for the Gothenburg of the future, where the city’ development, environmental and sustainability requirements are met. The project covered everything from pre-production to completion and finishing work.

Unique superstructure symbol in Oxelösund

At the entrance to Oxelösund stands a six-metre-high beacon, which has become something of a symbol for the municipality. Few people know that inside, there is a pumping station – with a pump sump that goes down six metres underground.

The unique superstructure is not only a symbol of Oxelösund but also of how Rostfria VA-system likes to custom-build its deliveries to customers, such as municipalities. Rostfria constructs and delivers an insulated and internally finished superstructure but without a vaulted ceiling or façade, which means the customer can put any kind of building they want outside the structure. It is a unique opportunity to create attractions of your municipality’s finest – while securing water supply and sanitation for the residents.

IT-controlled water kiosk for water trucks, emergency services and drinking water abstraction

As a municipality, you can get a complete water kiosk with a customised superstructure from Dala Kommunalteknik AB. The water kiosk is delivered functionally tested from the factory and lifted into place by a crane truck. The complete plant is suitable for abstracting technical water, especially for water trucks and asphalt paving machines. It has a user-friendly and easily accessible fire hydrant with the right pressure and flow for emergency services. Moreover, it can be used for drinking water withdrawal, reducing the need for emergency water tanks.

 The water kiosk is controlled via KZ-Handel’s reliable IT solution and all withdrawals go via GSM to www.vattenkiosk.se, which makes it easy for you as a municipality to control and charge for withdrawals.


Industri & Bygginstallationer i Norden AB (IBAB) leads, manufactures and carries out assembly within water and sewage projects. IBAB’s services include renovation, new construction and reconstruction of vital water and wastewater network facilities, such as pumping stations and water and wastewater treatment plants.

Dala Kommunalteknik

Dala Kommunalteknik is a comprehensive supplier of water and wastewater pumping stations. The company is based in Borlänge and delivers services and products throughout Sweden. Dala Kommunalteknik provides water kiosks, booster stations, pumping stations and related services such as reconstruction, maintenance and renovation.


Pumping stations for drinking water, stormwater and sewage. NORVATEK develops, manufactures, sells and delivers prefabricated pumping stations and water and wastewater technical solutions on the Nordic market.

The company has operations in Gothenburg, Ronneby, Töreboda and Västerås. There is also an assembly centre in Gothenburg, which is a hub for the service and support of plants.

Rostfria VA-system

Rostfria VA-system are experts in stainless steel pumping stations and producers of custom-built wastewater stations. They have their production activity in Filipstad.

The company supplies complete wastewater pumping stations, with superstructure and pump sump, as well as booster stations to businesses throughout Sweden. Electricity and plumbing are installed in the workshop in Filipstad, which results in deliveries that are ready to be put into service immediately.


ASB designs, programmes, and manufactures equipment cabinets, as well as installs and operates electrical installations.

Cooperative value creation for better water solutions

The companies of the Uniwater group operate within four specialist areas.

Pumping stations
Water Treatment