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Water infrastructure - a business sector of the future

Continued urbanisation, digitisation and new construction in urban areas create an increased need for smart and sustainable water and wastewater solutions. A high level of reliability in the supply of drinking water and wastewater is a fundamental prerequisite for society as a whole. According to reports from Swedish Water (Svenskt Vatten), large investments are needed to meet future demand – SEK 31 billion per year as reported in 2023.

“The need to invest in water and wastewater treatment is considerable and will increase in the next 20 years. With Uniwater’s combined capabilities, we’re ready to undertake the challenge of developing water and wastewater infrastructure solutions for the future alongside our customers.”

Pål Warolin, CEO of Uniwater

Learning and inclusive work environment

Our employees are our most important asset. Creating a workplace where people thrive, develop and stay requires time and commitment from both managers and employees. We offer skills development and specialisation in areas such as leadership, communication and work environment, as part of this work. We also make wide-ranging efforts within the group to adapt our operations to benefit the climate. Our sustainability work will be noticeable in all parts of the group, and we look forward to transitioning together.

A learning and inclusive work environment forms the basis for employees to develop, thrive and stay.

Together, we will become the leading actor in water and wastewater infrastructure in the Nordics

At Uniwater, we specialise in water and wastewater infrastructure. It unites us and creates solidarity. We want to create a sense of “we-ness” that is unpretentious and simple to be a part of for employees and customers alike. We simply become better together.

We’re convinced that specialisation leads to higher quality. And, as a group, we should always be able to guarantee the highest quality available on the market.

Open application

We are always interested in attracting new talent to our community and securing our skills supply. We regularly look for project managers and production personnel, and we welcome students to come for a study visit, thesis work or internship with us.

Feel free to send us an open application!

    We contribute to clean water in society

    The core of Uniwater’s business is clean water. By transporting and purifying water in society and developing services, products, and infrastructure for the water cycle, we create the right conditions for a functioning and sustainable society.

    Everything we do aims to provide society with clean water and return it to nature, as clean as it was before.