Uniwater gears up its sustainability efforts

We work actively for environmental, social and economic sustainability. As one of the largest groups in water and wastewater infrastructure in the Nordics, we have a great responsibility.
We want to be a forerunner in this field and contribute to the UN’s global sustainability goals in Agenda 2030.

We aim to be an innovative and responsible actor that drives development towards a sustainable society. Our goal is to be the industry leader in sustainability by 2025.

Our sustainability work

Here at Uniwater, environmental and social responsibility is about working responsibly to achieve continuous improvements over time. The work is based on a group-wide strategy and six sustainability goals: energy reduction, reduced climate impact, increased circularity, greater equality, higher employee satisfaction and improved skills development.

Our six sustainability goals guide us in our day-to-day work. By setting clear goals, we can gather strength within the organisation, and many of Uniwater’s employees are passionate about these issues.

Together, we can bring about positive change. We aim to be a responsible and innovative partner that drives development towards a sustainable society

The Global Goals

In order to make a real difference, we focus our sustainability efforts primarily on the areas where they have the greatest positive impact. Alongside the sustainability goals, Uniwater has chosen to prioritise five global goals within the UN Agenda 2030 that are closely related to our operations. We support our clients in their efforts to ensure clean water and sanitation for all. We also focus on working on gender equality, decent work conditions and economic growth, sustainable industry, innovation and infrastructure, as well as sustainable consumption and production.

“The environment and gender equality are very important issues and will become even more important in the future. We are aware that Uniwater is a key player given our size and that contributing to clean water in society is at the heart of everything we do. We affect individuals, society and the environment in our daily work,” says Therese Löwenberg.

Sustainable production and less emissions from cement for reduced climate impact

Our sustainability work is based on the UN’s 17 Global Goals, where we prioritise Goal 12. Goal 12 focuses on enabling more sustainable consumption and production patterns. We see that we can broadly and deeply make a difference within this goal by reducing the climate impact throughout the value chain.

This important work involves a combination of internal efforts and collaborations with customers and partners. Everything is connected, just like the Global Goals.

minskad klimatpåverkan genom nya material och ständiga förbättringar. Pumpstation.

The energy-efficient water treatment plant in Degerfors purifies drinking water without chemicals

At the core of everything we do at Uniwater is contributing to clean water in society by developing sustainable water and wastewater infrastructure. Our goal for 2025 is to be an industry leader in sustainability from an environmental, social and business perspective. One project that fulfils all three elements is the new water treatment plant in Degernäs, just outside Degerfors, where the Uniwater company ELVA AB has been the turnkey contractor responsible for design and construction. The water treatment plant was inaugurated in May 2022.

Uniwater focuses on energy reduction to achieve sustainability goals

At the core of the Uniwater Group is contributing to clean water in society by developing sustainable water and wastewater infrastructure. The goal for 2025 is to be an industry leader in sustainability from an environmental, social and business perspective. The work is guided by the UN’s Global Goals, which include prioritising Goal 12 with a focus on ensuring structures that contribute to more sustainable consumption and production. Within the framework of Goal 12, Uniwater’s work includes energy reduction. Here the group benefits from its size and unique breadth of expertise in electricity, water and wastewater products, pumping stations and water treatment plants. Cooperation and knowledge transfer between specialists accelerates development.

How we work to promote workplace safety

Within Uniwater, we prioritise the health and safety of our co-workers through our ESG practices. A working environment includes all aspects of a workplace, i.e. the social, organisational and physical aspects. We work continuously to ensure that employees working with environmental issues in the workplace have the knowledge required to do so. This includes training in systematic work environment management (SAM). The goal is to ensure that our work environments function well without health risks. This is one of the keystones in making sure our co-workers feel safe and able to perform optimally.

Our code of conduct leads the way

Uniwater wants to create added value for customers, co-workers, suppliers, and owners while contributing to social sustainability. To achieve this, we actively work with climate and environmental issues accompanied by a strong social commitment. We value good business ethics and strive for long-term relationships with customers and suppliers. Our code of conduct leads the way by defining our values and the requirements we set for co-workers and business partners.

Water infrastructure – a promising sector

The global goals, the most ambitious agenda for sustainable development ever adopted by the world’s countries, exist to achieve four tremendous things by the year 2030: To abolish extreme poverty, to reduce inequality and injustice in the world, to promote peace and justice, and to solve the climate crisis. Through the global goals of sustainable development, this can become a reality.

Ibeco Rental is a pioneer in rental within the water and wastewater industry

The Uniwater company Ibeco, with its headquarters in Borlänge, has a leading position in the Nordic region in the sale of customised water, wastewater and HVAC solutions. Since 1988, Ibeco has also offered customers the opportunity to rent plumbing equipment as needed. Initially, rentals were primarily made locally in the Borlänge area. Over the years, the business model has evolved and become widespread, and in 2020, the initiative was scaled up. Urban Edlund at Ibeco Rental in Gothenburg was the first employee recruited to work exclusively with the rental business.