The water and wastewater infrastructure within and outside the Nordic region is in great need of maintenance and renovation. In Sweden alone, the maintenance debt is estimated to be around SEK 10 billion. Uniwater Solutions brings together niche specialists in water and wastewater infrastructure services that can meet the needs of plant owners both today and in the future.

Extending life span through refurbishment and maintenance

In 2022, we created a new business area – Uniwater Solutions. This endeavour is about providing a service to maintain the existing water and wastewater infrastructure. Extending the life span through renovation is a part of the circular economy. The acquisition of Svanesunds rör was a first step in this offering.

Svanesunds rör helps reduce water leakage

The majority of Swedish water pipes were built in the 50s and 60s and are in dire need of rehabilitation. Swedish water systems have an average of 17% leakage according to a study by Svenskt Vatten (Facts about leakage, pipeworks & climate).

Through its efforts in 2022, Svanesunds Rör contributed to reducing leakage in several municipalities in Western Sweden by replacing 56 kilometres of water pipes.


Proco Services offers patented blocking and hot-tapping methods, enabling pipe work without disturbances for the customer.

Svanesunds Rör

Svanesunds Rör is characterised by specialist skills, high quality and reliable deliveries.


Tonisco offer maintenance tools and services for pressurized pipelines, such as hot tapping and line stopping technology.

Cooperative value creation for better water solutions

The companies of the Uniwater group operate within four specialist areas.

Pumping stations
Water Treatment