Specialists in Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

Uniwater is a group of individual and specialized companies that together develop future water cycle solutions for society.

Nordic group with broad expertise in water and wastewater

Together, we are able to meet our client’s needs and challenges.

We develop water and wastewater infrastructure for the future. Together.

Uniwater is a Nordic group with subsidiaries specialised in water and wastewater solutions and water infrastructure.

Our focus is to unite and develop companies operating in different parts of the water and wastewater industry. Together, our subsidiaries have a broad knowledge base that provides an increased understanding of our customers’ needs and challenges.

The goal is to become the leading actor in water and wastewater infrastructure in the Nordic region by focusing on specialisation, cooperation, and strategic acquisitions. We want to contribute to sustainable solutions by developing infrastructure for the water cycle in society.


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The Nordics

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Our business areas

Uniwater conducts business within four specialist areas: Pumping Stations, Water Treatment, Products and Solutions. The areas mutually form a distinctive width of specialist services and products for developing water and wastewater infrastructure.

Water treatment

Water and wastewater treatment is a prerequisite for clean water to and from society. Our specialists within this area work with the development, construction, and renovation of wastewater treatment plants.

Pumping stations

Pumping stations have a fundamental function in water and wastewater infrastructure. Uniwater’s specialists offer pumping stations with concrete, fibreglass, and stainless steel wells.


A functioning water and wastewater infrastructure poses high demands on quality in specialized products. Uniwater’s specialists in this area work to deliver and distribute water, wastewater, and HVAC products to projects in all of the Nordic countries.


Water and wastewater infrastructure is in constant need of maintenance and development. Within Uniwater Solutions, we gather niche specialists in water and wastewater infrastructure services to meet the maintenance needs of our customers today and in the future.


Continued urbanisation, digitisation and new construction in urban areas create an increased need for new and smart water and wastewater solutions.


United Specialists

To meet the needs for innovative and sustainable water and wastewater solutions, Uniwater unites and develops specialists in water infrastructure. The subsidiaries offer knowledge and competence in multiple areas through cooperation, and contribute with a unique and holistic approach.


An Increased Need for Suppliers with a Holistic Approach

The Nordic water and wastewater industry is facing big challenges because of neglected infrastructure, massive growth in new construction, and increasing urbanization. The need and demand for collected and comprehensive competencies in water and wastewater solutions is growing every day, and many customers value specialist suppliers that also have a holistic approach.

Fredrik Jonsson, CEO of Uniwater

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The Water Cycle and Society

The core of our business is to unite companies that develop products and services which contribute to clean water to and from society. To be a part of an important function of society strengthens our drive to develop continuously.

We contribute to clean water together with our clients and specialists.

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We are Uniwater

Uniwater consists of eleven subsidiaries specialised in water and wastewater treatment technologies and water infrastructure