Specialists in water infrastructure operating in four areas

Cooperative value creation for better water and wastewater solutions

The companies of the Uniwater Group operate in various specialised areas, dealing with all stages of the water cycle in society, from water and wastewater treatment plants to the maintenance and renovation of water pipes.

By uniting companies active in different areas, we promote collaboration and create valuable synergy effects useful to our subsidiaries and customers alike.

Water Treatment

Water and wastewater treatment is a prerequisite for clean drinking water in society, and cleaner water in nature. Our specialists within this area work with the development, construction, and renovation of wastewater treatment plants.


Aquasvea designs and delivers complete water and wastewater treatment plants for public and private clients. Aquasvea’s services include both function and performance contracts.


ELVA is one of the leading suppliers in the renovation and construction of water and wastewater treatment plants.


Emendo delivers full-service wastewater treatment plants for 50-5,000 PE to municipalities and community associations, and offers renovation services and operational technical assistance.

Pumping stations

Pumping stations have a fundamental function in water and wastewater infrastructure. Uniwater’s specialists offer pumping stations with concrete, fibreglass, and stainless steel wells.


Industri & Bygginstallationer i Norden AB (IBAB) leads, manufactures and carries out assembly within water and wastewater projects. IBAB’s services include renovation, new construction and reconstruction of vital facilities with water supply, such as pumping stations and water and wastewater treatment plants.

Dala Kommunalteknik

Dala Kommunalteknik is a comprehensive supplier of water and wastewater pumping stations.


NORVATEK develops, manufactures, sells, and delivers prefabricated pumping stations and water and wastewater infrastructure solutions aimed at the Nordic market.

Rostfria VA

Rostfria VA-system are experts in stainless steel pumping stations and produce custom-built wastewater pumping stations.


ASB designs, programmes, and manufactures equipment cabinets, as well as installs and operates electrical installations.


A functioning water and wastewater infrastructure poses high demands on quality in specialised products. Uniwater’s specialists in this area work to deliver and distribute water, wastewater, and HVAC products to projects in all of the Nordic countries.


IBECO is one of the leading suppliers and distributors of water, wastewater, and HVAC products in Sweden.


ABAT manufactures specialised products for the construction industry, mainly a variety of hatches in aluminium and stainless steel.


Water and wastewater infrastructure is in constant need of maintenance and development. Within Uniwater Solutions, we gather specialists in water and wastewater infrastructure services to meet the maintenance needs of our customers today as well as in the future.


Proco Services offers patented blocking and hot tapping methods, enabling pipe work without disturbances for the customer.

Svanesunds Rör

Svanesunds Rör is characterised by specialist skills, high quality and reliable deliveries.


Tonisco offer maintenance tools and services for pressurized pipelines, such as hot tapping and line stopping technology.