Water Treatment

Water Treatment

Water and wastewater treatment are prerequisites for drinking water to households and communities and for cleaner water back to nature. Our specialists design, develop, build and renovate water and wastewater treatment plants across Sweden.

Future-proofing clean water and sanitation

Water and wastewater treatment are fundamental to the water cycle in society and to preserving water as a raw material. Uniwater’s specialists secure the future of water supply by developing, building and renovating water and wastewater treatment plants.


New barriers and improved taste and smell in Kiruna’s drinking water

Aquasvea was in charge of the machine and process installations in the new construction and reconstruction of the Kiruna water treatment plant. The delivery included, among other things, new lamella sedimentation, chemical installations and new measurement and analysis functions.

According to the Swedish National Food Agency’s directive, there should be three so-called barriers to treating the raw water coming from the Torne River. The water is treated with UV light and chlorine to remove any bacteria, viruses and parasites. In addition, a third barrier is used: chemical precipitation. It is a process whereby unwanted particles in the water are clumped together and sink to the bottom before being filtered out.

In order to completely remove the last taste, smell and colour from the water, the old sand filters have been replaced by activated carbon, which effectively treats the water. The water treatment plant currently delivers 8–10 million litres of water per day to the grid. However, it has a maximum capacity to deliver up to 15 million litres daily, giving Kiruna’s urban area room to grow to 27,000 inhabitants.

Increased capacity and more energy-efficient treatment plant

In the spring of 2019, ELVA Processautomation was commissioned by Samhällsbyggnad Bergslagen as a turnkey contractor to design and implement the reconstruction and new construction of Nora’s future wastewater treatment plant.

The treatment plant in Nora is the largest venture made in the municipality and an important step in the municipality’s long-term plan to have a population of 13,000 by 2030.

With the environmental perspective as starting point, Elva focused on smart and energy-optimising products. The result was a plant with a good balance between innovation and proven technology – a future-proof treatment plant with solar cells, optimised functionality and serviceability. The treatment plant in Nora was inaugurated in autumn 2022.

The new water treatment plant in Degerfors purifies drinking water without chemicals

The new water treatment plant in Degernäs, just outside Degerfors, treats water without chemicals. Uniwater’s subsidiary, Elva AB, was the turnkey contractor in charge of the design and construction. This investment will secure the water supply to local residents for a long time to come. Elva’s goal with the client was to create a state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly plant that also handles the increased amounts of iron and manganese in the municipality’s groundwater.

Elva’s projectors designed the new water treatment plant with a combination of proven technology and innovative solutions. The result was smart equipment control, energy-optimised pumps and solar installation, which contribute to lower energy consumption and energy costs. Due to the solar panels on the roof, the new water treatment plant is expected to save 200,000 kWh per year. The water treatment plant in Degerfors was inaugurated in May 2022.


Aquasvea designs and delivers complete water and wastewater treatment plants for public and private clients. Aquasvea’s services include both function and performance contracts.


ELVA Processautomation AB is one of the leading suppliers in reconstruction and new construction of water and wastewater treatment plants.

ELVA was founded in 2004, and its core business is project and process management in water and wastewater. The company offers a wide range of services, such as the new construction and reconstruction of water and wastewater treatment plants, periodic inspections, authorisation processes, environmental reports, HACCP and more.


Emendo delivers complete wastewater treatment plants for 50-5,000 PE to municipalities and communities and offers reconstruction services and operational support.

Cooperative value creation for better water solutions

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Water Treatment