Energy-efficient water treatment plant in Degerfors purifies drinking water without chemicals

Reningsverk i Degerfors
At the core of everything we do at Uniwater is contributing to clean water in society by developing sustainable water and wastewater infrastructure. Our goal for 2025 is to be an industry leader in sustainability from an environmental, social and business perspective. One project that fulfils all three elements is the new water treatment plant in Degernäs, just outside Degerfors. The Uniwater company Elva AB was in charge of the design and construction. The water treatment plant was inaugurated in May 2022.

An investment for the future

The construction is an investment that will secure the water supply to the residents of Degerfors for years to come. The aim was to create a state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly plant with greater capacity than the old one and to be able to deal with the iron and manganese that has gradually increased in the municipality’s groundwater.

“I feel that the project has been characterised by competence, commitment, and trust from everyone involved, from the client, Degerfors Municipality, as well as subcontractors and us at Elva. Together, we have been able to reach solutions in a non-prestigious way. An outstanding end result has been our common goal,” says Mats Andersson, CEO of Elva.

Tony Kölborg, Head of Water and Wastewater in Degerfors Municipality, also confirms this view.

“We are delighted with the implementation, the non-prestigious and solution-orientated approach and the end result.”

Getting it right from the start

The environment has been an obvious focus throughout the project. Lower energy consumption and costs are achieved through smart and optimised equipment control, energy-optimised pumps and solar installation.

“We have succeeded in combining well-proven technology with innovative solutions and approaches. Estimated energy savings compared to the old plant exceed 200,000 kWh annually. This is, of course, incredibly positive,” says Mats.

An important aspect of the work on the water treatment plant has also been to create a pleasant and well-functioning working environment. The project began with study visits to several newly built water treatment plants to harness the experience and wisdom of others.

“We designed and projected the work in 3D, which meant we could wear VR glasses and walk around the plant in a 3D environment already at the design stage. This gave us a highly realistic feel for equipment placement, service availability, and more. In turn, this made it possible for employees of the municipality to make requests and adjustments even before the first sod was turned. Making changes in advance was also efficient and a contributing factor to us being able to deliver on time and within budget,” says Mats.

Drinking-water without chemicals

The new water treatment plant purifies water without chemicals. The water is drawn from wells drilled in a nearby ridge. Once aerated, the water passes through tanks containing bacteria that feed on the manganese. After passing through sand filters, it is pumped through UV light and eventually into Degerfors’ drinking water network.

“Since drinking water is our most important food, good quality water is essential. Should the quality of the raw water change in the future, the system is adapted to add chemicals. Today, however, it is run without,” says Mats.

Now that the last samplings have been completed, residents in the region are receiving their chemical-free water from the new plant.