From sustainability to inspiration – working with our suppliers drive positive change

As a group, we can lead by example, just like our suppliers. We aim to select suppliers who meet our requirements for ecological, financial and social sustainability. We want to work with suppliers who stand up for human rights and with whom we can cooperate for a long time. This gives us the collective power to influence the carbon footprint that our activities and industry contribute to. A supplier code of conduct and framework agreements are some of Uniwater’s initiatives in this area.

Challenges and opportunities

As a group, Uniwater works actively with our suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint. We see both challenges and opportunities for climate change in the water and wastewater industry, but we are convinced that the job must be done. One effort is to implement our code of conduct for suppliers as a requirement in our framework agreements for material purchases. We are challenged by the fact that we have many smaller subcontractors. Our 13 companies currently have over 2,500 suppliers, including subcontractors, which is a large number to manage. We want to reduce the number of suppliers as part of our risk management.

Supplier code of conduct

By signing our supplier code, our suppliers agree to:
• Reduce their environmental and climate impact
• Combat corruption
• Ensure there is no discrimination
• Pay employees a fair wage for their work
• Eliminate child labour

To keep track of our suppliers and continuously improve our collaboration, we are increasing our focus on framework agreements and quality assurance of subcontractors, as well as coordination of product transport from major suppliers and knowledge-enhancing activities within the group. All employees should be aware of these efforts in order to contribute to and maintain our code of conduct in both directions.

These efforts are part of our sustainability work. Overall, we see that these efforts and increased awareness can lead to a reduced carbon footprint, improved working environment and synergy gains in general.

Suppliers that inspire

Uniwater has many environmentally conscious suppliers that inspire and challenge us to become even better in our environmental and sustainability work, for example, in the stainless steel category. We strive to always choose European stainless steel whenever possible. This is because European steel usually consists of mostly recycled materials and because of the geographical proximity that reduce transports.
Our stainless steel suppliers work actively with sustainability, which we appreciate and are inspired by. One of our suppliers, a pioneer in the climate field, is the Portuguese Fucoli. The company manufactures water infrastructure products in recycled steel and uses only green electricity. Fucoli works closely with our subsidiary Ibeco.

For more information about our supplier programme, please contact our Purchasing Manager Marcus Rosenborg Marcus.Rosenborg@uniwater.se