Uniwater Academy – an investment in our future and that of our employees

Learning and competence development provide the basis for employees to grow, thrive and stay. Such a working environment creates the conditions for Uniwater to provide the customers with the best service and the market with innovative and sustainable solutions for future water infrastructure.

Uniwater Academy

Ongoing educational measures are part of our offer to be an attractive employer. Uniwater brings all skill development under one umbrella through the Uniwater Academy. All our efforts to increase knowledge are included in the Uniwater Academy to provide both breadth and depth, for example, in sustainability, communication and leadership. Our specialists contribute to our community and share their knowledge and experience to benefit the whole group.

With the Uniwater Academy, we supplement with external knowledge and inspiration to develop our employees’ competencies. In 2022, we launched a leadership programme to strengthen our managers’ ability to build top-performing teams. The programme aims to strengthen leadership within the organisation and unleash the full potential of employees through performance management and engagement – enabling everyone to contribute to Uniwater’s success.

Employee programme with certification in sustainability

In 2022, we also launched an employee programme to develop all employees as a supporting activity to the leadership programme. The employee programme focuses on core values work and cultural work, communication and feedback.

All employees receive annual skills development, and further development of the programme is the focus on increased sustainability awareness.

All group employees get a basic sustainability training, leading to a personalised certification.

Uniwater is investing in this educational programme to increase knowledge and awareness of what is required to transition to a sustainable future and circular economy. We see this as a success factor in our joint sustainability work, says Ulrika Stevrell, HR Manager at Uniwater.

For more information about Uniwater Academy, please contact Uniwater’s HR strategist, Ulrika Stevrell ulrika.stevrell@uniwater.se