Strong growth for niche water and wastewater services

Expanded customer base, broader geographical reach and strong growth curve - the demand for hot tapping and line stopping is growing and the business area Uniwater Solutions is standing firm. The hot tapping and line stopping technology has many advantages through more efficient use of resources, reduction of emissions and reduced load on the water and wastewater network.

The water and wastewater infrastructure is in great need of maintenance and renovation. In Sweden, the maintenance debt is estimated at approximately SEK 10 billion annually according to Swedish Water’s latest investment report, and demand is growing for solutions that make it possible to carry out maintenance smoothly and without interruption for households.  Hot tapping and line blocking are examples of niche services that do just that. With hot tapping and line blocking, pipework can be carried out without shutting down or draining entire systems or causing disruption to consumers. The technology can be used in water and sewage, but also in district heating, cooling, plumbing and industry. 

One example from 2023 is Kraftringen’s district heating network in Lund in Southern Sweden, that needed to fix a leaking pipe located inside a district heating chamber. Standard maintenance would entail emptying and refilling 3,000 cubic metres of district heating water, resulting in a negative environmental impact. Instead, Proco Services established four blockages on the pipes around the chamber and the maintenance could take place without interruption and unnecessary environmental impact. 

– With our services, we offer rational maintenance without negative environmental impact. By reducing the negative impact on the environment, we contribute to a sustainable water supply in Sweden, says Olof Nordin, business area manager for Uniwater Solutions and CEO of Proco Services.   

The services contribute to reduced emissions in the form of the customer reducing their need to transport water, district heating water or wastewater, to discharge to recipients or to start up alternative production. 

Hot tapping and line blocking animation

Expansion to more regions

In 2023, the Uniwater Group and business area Uniwater Solutions acquired the Finnish company Tonisco, specialists in repair and maintenance of pressurized pipelines. The acquisition means a geographical expansion to Finland and an opportunity to reach significantly more customers than before. 

– Today, we have a unique position in hot tapping and line blocking of pressurised pipes, says Olof Nordin.  

Business area Uniwater Solutions area includes three companies – Tonisco, Svanesunds Rör and Proco Services. Going forward, Olof Nordin wants to see that each company has a clear sustainability idea and that the companies acquired have focus on sustainability. He also points out that the best way to make an impact is by growing the business and offering new customers the opportunity to use the business area’s services. This is to avoid unnecessary emissions and thus contribute to a more sustainable water supply in Sweden.  

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