Our code of conduct leads the way

The health and safety of our co-workers is a prioritized matter in Uniwater.

Uniwater wants to create added value for customers, co-workers, suppliers, and owners, while simultaneously contributing to social sustainability. To achieve this, we actively work with climate and environmental issues accompanied by a strong social commitment. We value good business ethics and strive for long-term relationships with customers and suppliers. Our code of conduct leads the way by defining our values along with the requirements we set for co-workers and business partners.

The Right Everyday Decisions

The foundation of our code of conduct is our values – knowledge, fellowship, and quality. Our code of conduct helps us make the right decision in our everyday life; decisions that affect all of us, and make our places of work and our world a little better. That is how we take our social responsibility.

A Brief Summary of Uniwater’s Code of Conduct

Economic sustainability

Means that we work with issues concerning bribery and corruption, ethical investing, and corporate social responsibility.

  • We follow laws and regulations
  • We work to prevent financial crime
  • We do not tolerate corruption
  • We comply with competition laws
  • We work to find resource efficient business models

Environmental sustainability

Focuses on our impact on the environment and ways to reduce our ecological footprint.

  • We care about the climate and the environment
  • We work to reduce the operation’s impact on the environment
  • We set high standards for the procurement of goods
  • We use renewable energy sources

Social sustainability

Includes our work with human rights, the right to health, safety, education, and access to justice.

  • We prioritize workplace safety and health
  • We strive for respectful and professional communication
  • We work to promote equality and diversity
  • We do not accept victimization or discrimination
  • We prohibit all forms of forced labor
  • We do not tolerate child labor
  • We protect the right to freedom of association