Our code of conduct leads the way

The health and safety of our co-workers is a prioritised matter at Uniwater

Uniwater wants to create added value for customers, co-workers, suppliers, and owners, while contributing to social sustainability. To achieve this, we actively work with climate and environmental issues accompanied by a strong social commitment. We value good business ethics and strive for long-term relationships with customers and suppliers. Our code of conduct leads the way by defining our values and the requirements we set for co-workers and business partners.

Making the right decisions. Every day.

The foundation of our code of conduct is our values – knowledge, community, and quality. Our code of conduct helps us make the right decisions in our everyday life; decisions that affect us all, and make both our workplaces and the world around us a little better. This is how we take responsibility.

Brief summary of Uniwater’s code of conduct

Environmental sustainability

Focuses on our impact on the environment and ways to reduce our ecological footprint.

  • We care about the climate and environment
  • We work to reduce the operation’s impact on the environment
  • We set high standards for the procurement of goods
  • We use renewable energy sources

Social sustainability

Includes our work with human rights, the right to health, safety, education, and access to justice.

  • We prioritise workplace safety and health
  • We strive for respectful and professional communication
  • We work to promote equal treatment and diversity
  • We do not accept victimisation or discrimination
  • We prohibit all forms of forced or involuntary labour
  • We do not tolerate child labor
  • We protect the right to freedom of association

Financial sustainability (Governance)

Includes that we work on issues concerning bribery and corruption, ethical investing, and societal contribution.

  • We follow laws and regulations
  • We work to prevent financial crime
  • We do not tolerate corruption
  • We comply with competition laws
  • We work to find resource efficient business models

Supplier code of conduct

As complement to our internal code of conduct we have a supplier code of conduct. Our supplier code of conduct is a vital part of our sustainability work. We strive to choose suppliers who meet our ecological, economic
and social sustainability standards. We want to work with suppliers who, just like us, stand up for human rights, and who we can cooperate with in the long term. This way, we can accelerate and positively contribute to climate adaptation in society at large.

By signing our supplier code, our suppliers agree to
• Reduce your environmental and climate impact
• Countering corruption
• Employees must receive fair wages for their work
• No child labour shall occur
• No discrimination shall occur

Read the complete Supplier Code of Conduct here